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The Stipje Team at your service

Stipje provides a full range of European marketing and promotion services. If you have a product that you sell only in one language area, for instance all English speaking countries, and you think there might be a market in other European countries, we can help you. We can research the market for your product in one or more European countries, find and build a prospect database, translate your sales and support materials, internationalize your web site and even do the actual selling for you.

Sales Materials

Companies and organisations with new products often have to invest most of their budget into the development of the new product. Supporting materials for marketing, customer training, and user support are therefore often forgotten or left to the end while these are so important for product acceptance. We can help you develop these important materials in different languages. We have experience in building multilingual product flyers and brochures, exhibition presentations and product or company demonstrations on CD or DVD.

Market Research

Whether you want to research one or more industries in a country of your choice, or you are interested in one industry all over Europe, we have the people with the skills to do that research for you. Native language speakers who can deal with disparate information sources, who know where to go for information, who speak the language. Where else will you find a team of 15 or more people all working for you at the same time? We’ll tackle a market survey for you in no time at all. We can use desk research and field research depending on the nature of the information you are looking for. At the same time we have built up - and are constantly updating - a database of existing market information and expertise about the European countries. This knowledge base is available to you as our customer to aid your marketing and promotion project.

Support Materials

Customers often follow a length decision making process before committing to a product or service. It is not just the purchase price of the product that is important, more often the investment in time for training, organisational changes and user support is bigger. The availability of a range of supporting materials, tools and products for prospective customers can greatly influence their final decision. This is especially the case for high tech products like machinery or software. We can help you create these support materials for each market in the native languages. We can produce multilingual training materials, multilingual tutorials, multilingual user manuals and help files and help in the design of multilingual packaging.

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